Friday, September 24, 2010

Catchin up

Well, its Friday morning, it's been a busy week, Mallory complained that her throat was hurting Wednesday morning but I didn't think much about it because she usually complains about whatever she thinks of first to get her out of getting ready for school, brushing her teeth, cleaning her room, etc., except its usually that her "belly hurts". When I picked her up from school her teacher told me that she complained to her about her throat now I feel bad.....that night she had a fever of 100.2 which isn't that bad, I gave her some Tylenol and sent her to bed. I took her to the md the next morning and yep you guessed it she has strep throat! So now she's probably passed it to all the other kids in her class, which I again feel terrible about. She actually got it from another kid in her class, so I guess at least we didn't start it, yes I'm trying to make myself feel better!

So today I woke up, got Mallory ready for school, walked her in so I would be sure her excuse for being absent yesterday would be handed to the right person, came home, ate some breakfast and then began reading a few blogs...I haven't even had time to do that lately. I enjoyed all the thankful blogs, so happy that Slick and Crystal got their little one they had been so heart broken over. I'll be sure to be thankful next week if I don't have strep! lol
Dustin has a singing tonight @ Uncle Randy's restaurant Lonestar, its also a truck show, so I'm lookin forward to that, just hope its not too hot! My class reunion is Sat night and my mom's family reunion is Sunday then back to work Mon and Tues so I'm soakin up my me time right now while I have no obligations until time to pick up Mallory. Anyhow, just hadn't blogged in a while....time to go for a run...........

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