Friday, September 24, 2010

Catchin up

Well, its Friday morning, it's been a busy week, Mallory complained that her throat was hurting Wednesday morning but I didn't think much about it because she usually complains about whatever she thinks of first to get her out of getting ready for school, brushing her teeth, cleaning her room, etc., except its usually that her "belly hurts". When I picked her up from school her teacher told me that she complained to her about her throat now I feel bad.....that night she had a fever of 100.2 which isn't that bad, I gave her some Tylenol and sent her to bed. I took her to the md the next morning and yep you guessed it she has strep throat! So now she's probably passed it to all the other kids in her class, which I again feel terrible about. She actually got it from another kid in her class, so I guess at least we didn't start it, yes I'm trying to make myself feel better!

So today I woke up, got Mallory ready for school, walked her in so I would be sure her excuse for being absent yesterday would be handed to the right person, came home, ate some breakfast and then began reading a few blogs...I haven't even had time to do that lately. I enjoyed all the thankful blogs, so happy that Slick and Crystal got their little one they had been so heart broken over. I'll be sure to be thankful next week if I don't have strep! lol
Dustin has a singing tonight @ Uncle Randy's restaurant Lonestar, its also a truck show, so I'm lookin forward to that, just hope its not too hot! My class reunion is Sat night and my mom's family reunion is Sunday then back to work Mon and Tues so I'm soakin up my me time right now while I have no obligations until time to pick up Mallory. Anyhow, just hadn't blogged in a while....time to go for a run...........

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So today is another glorious day at home alone. I dropped off Mallory at school, went for a run, took a quick shower, ate breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and started some laundry, checked my email and now here I am blogging in peace....yum. The only bad part is that I have to leave for work @ 2 and won't get to see Mallory until morning and Dustin in the afternoon....a lil too much alone for me! But then I have Friday and Saturday off, so give and take I guess. Yesterday Dustin and I had some running around to do and early in the day it felt almost like fall....a few leaves were falling and there was a very nice breeze and it was just a little cloudy.....then came 1pm and the sun came out more and the breeze completely left and we were slammed back into the reality that its still August. Mallory is doing so well in school, she just loves it. She's made several little friends and she's learning to spell her colors. Soon we won't be able to keep secrets by spelling in front of her and she's sooooo excited about that...guess we'll have to come up with some code or something, lol. Well time to finish the laundry and clean a little more...oh the life of a wife and mother!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today is picture day at school. I wonder how they keep the kindergarteners clean til time for their pics? I mean I kept kinda reminding Mallory not to stain her shirt at breakfast, and try not to mess up your hair, etc. but she's only 5! We were working on her smile cause, bless her heart,her lil fake smile makes her eyes disappear and she sorta looks drugged! Cassie, Kellie, (all the New Harmony moms too), probably remember the time I had with her during the "photo shoot" for the cd. If I said "Mallory open your eyes" once I said it 30 times.....which was very annoying to everyone I'm sure! She's havin a great time in k so number 3 today. We don't even have to walk her in...she knows exactly where to go and what to do...I'm so not needed that when I asked her if she wanted me to walk her in she just said, "Well you can go on in if YOU want to" like I was the needy one!! lol

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I just took Mallory to school for her first day of kindergarten...tear...I actually did well with the separation thing and she did too. She woke me up yelling "Someone has to take me to school now!" She was soooo nervous! She ate half a poptart and drank some gatorade, then I fixed her little snack of apple slices and grapes and another gatorade (her fav besides dr. pepper). I took her picture and she was ready to go early! We were driving to school and she was so quiet (not like her at all). I said, "What am I going to do all day without you?" and she said, "I know you're trying to make me feel better, but its not working." Too funny. We got there and took her napmat, backpack and snack bag to her room then we went to the gym for an assembly (takes me back even tho its not the same school I went to!) After assembly all the kindergarteners went to the lunchroom for breakfast where she drank a chocolate milk and waited since she'd already eaten. She found a friend named Gracie whose mom went to school with Dustin so I knew her and Mallory had met her on Sunday at a singing so they held hands and had their picture made by her sweet! She knew a few kids but not many and she was still doing the nervous shy smile she does sometimes. Then we went back to her room where she found her little desk with her name on it and all the parents were still there (thank goodness I wasn't the only one!). Only two kids were crying so I thought that was pretty good! I had already taken all her supplies yesterday so we were pretty much finished but she asked me if I would stay just a little bit longer, so I did (hey noone else was leaving yet). She gave me about 17 kisses and hugs, told me to tell Daddy she loved him, and then I left, looking over my shoulder the whole time to make sure she wouldn't cry and she didn't to my knowledge. And now I'm home, Dustin just now woke up and I've had this much time to myself.....oh yeah I think I'm gonna like this whole Me time thing! I had like 4 texts and 3 phone calls to check on Mallory (and me) so its been an eventful morning. Can't wait to talk to Mallory this afternoon and get the scoop on her day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Snip, snip

Ok this is a long one, but I sort-of vent on here, so.......

Today I had to work, don't wanna elaborate on that too much, except to say that I'm gettin real tired of grumpy mean ppl, and some of them are just about to get a taste of grumpy mean Jill right back! Ok enough of that.

As I was coming down my driveway I see Dustin in the front yard in his jogging attire (which consists of 10 yr old basketball practice shorts and a cutoff NASCAR t shirt, along with his mp3 player attached to his arm) stretching and apparently ready to run as soon as I walk in the door to watch Mallory. So I get out of the car turn on the stopwatch on my phone for him and bid him farewell. I walked into the house and into the bathroom which is always my first pitstop after work, do my business, then notice in the drawer there is a small bundle of hair. Very evenly cut, dark blonde hair.......oh my, this is hair that my sweet, innocent child has cut off her head.....oh no what does she look like? I call to my oh so innocent child to come to me and I just cut straight to the chase, "Let me see your hair," I say to her with fire in my eyes (It was pulled back in a headband). "Why mama?" imagine big doe eyes right about here! I looked at her hair and to my amazement and relief it was only a small small strand of hair that is very inconspicous thank heavens. Then I asked her if that was the strand of hair she cut and before she could register that she was in trouble she shot out the truth with a "yeah" and as soon as that word came out I could tell she wanted to take it back!!
Now she has to be punished which is what I hate the most in the whole wide world and she realizes she's gonna be punished and starts bawling and begging and negotiating with me not to punish her or tell her daddy and she'll never do it again, she'll give me a massage (too funny and very tempting since she's actually pretty good at it) but I knew that she knew not to do it. It isn't like she's a toddler and found some scissors. She said she just wanted to cut her hair and so she did it and " hid" the hair in the drawer cause she knew she'd get into trouble. Period. The risk was apparently worth it to her, which scares the crap out of me cause she's only 5. What's gonna happen when she's a teen? How many more times is she gonna weigh it all out and choose to take her punishment later,whatever it may be?
Anyway, after her punishment we have a long talk about growing up to be a good person, following the rules even when that means you don't always get to do what you want to do, following the rules so you don't go to jail and generally turning out to be a well -rounded human instead of a scumbag with a chip on your shoulder that thinks the world owes you something just because your mom didn't care enough about you and never punished you for snipping off a twig of hair when you knew better back when you were five.....I think the lecture may have been worse than the actual punishment.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

School supplies!

Well today is school supply shopping day.....exciting because it's Mallory's first year of real school and I always liked school shopping, and sad because this is the beginning of at least thirteen years of this!! I'm sitting here eating my oatmeal and trying to wake up, thinking of all the things I have to remember to do today, dreading the heat. Yesterday we mowed the lawn @ about 10 am and it was already so hot it was almost unbearable (especially since I push mow)! Dustin and I have started jogging. I've never been a runner cause I've always been the fat kid and I assumed I just wouldn't be able to do it. I'm starting out slow and working my way to walking less and jogging more and I absolutely love it. Last night I beat my last time by 2 minutes which doesn't sound like much but it felt great. I hope to beat my time tonight by even more! We have a 2.7 mile loop and I will eventually be able to run it all. I look forward to cooler weather tho! Anyway its time to get the princess up and ready to shop...bargain hunting here I come.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A touch of morning peace

This is my first blog. It's going to be messy, but here we go!
Well I never have been a morning person but since I've gone to dayshift at my job, I've started making a transition. I can hardly sleep past 745, either because I'm about to wet the bed or just because I'm used to getting up at 430 on the mornings that I have to work. Noone else, however, in my house gets up this early so I have a touch of morning peace. Until Mallory hears me warming up my oatmeal, then its all over! I think that may be the ONLY reason for me being excited that she's going to kindergarten in two weeks. I'm actually going to have me time, something I haven't had since before she was born, really. But I'm also going to miss her like crazy! Maybe I'll actually get something done in the house without her following me around saying something along the lines of "Stop everything you're doing and play with me!".
Yesterday we went to a friend's house with a few other ladies and their children to swim and let the kids play together for a while. She and I were together from the time she woke up until the time she went to bed but about an hour before her bedtime she came out and said to me, "You need to spend some time with me!", as if I'd just gotten home and been ignoring her completely! LOL, maybe its because she's an only child and extremely used to having my full attention, thus the title of my blog. I try to give it to her as much as possible and she knows it, so when we have company or I'm trying to help Dustin with something or do anything else at all, she kinda feels left out. Maybe kindergarten will help her learn to play on her own a little too.
Now she's up and she immediately came to me, didn't say good morning but that she wanted to play her game on the computer and for me to watch......but she's content with watching a little icarly while I attempt to finish this up. She really is a sweet thing when she wants to be!